Fireworks City Pyro Party

Tonight is Fireworks City's annual Pyro Party. We are bringing out the Giant Slide and the Combo C5 and really excited to get a sneak-peak at the newest fireworks they are featuring in Kansas City. Here's a shot from last year's event:

Fireworks City Warehouse Pyro Party 2011


new laser tag system

We're excited to announce that our laser tag system is out of beta testing and is ready for full-on party disco. This system is as much fun for adults as it is for teenagers and tweens. We asked uncle Randy to grow a beard for these photos and look tough, but don't be fooled... he is a teddy bear in heart.
kansas city laser tag game rental
kansas city youth ministry laser tag photo
We'll be getting more photographs and video soon of battle simulations, but in the meantime, enjoy checking out this pick of Randy shooting his laser tag gun at his home church junior high lock-in.

outdoor movie theatre: part 2

Well... we're successfully done with the beta phase of our outdoor movie theatre and it is in full-service. Here's a few shots from the past two events that we brought out it to:

Really big shout out to Jake Randall from ANOMALY AVL, who helped us with the initial equipment layout and orders! We are confident that we offer the best outdoor movie experience with the best pricing in Kansas City.


outdoor movie theatre: part 1

We'd like to introduce Kansas City to our outdoor movie screen... or atleast the frame of it. This 20' x 16' structure is going to be the start of an incredible summer of movies, video games, and sporting events. More pics to come soon... 



clean inflatables means happy moms

Curious to know how we clean our inflatables? We use a commercial-grade Simple Green solution that is non-toxic and bio-degradable, yet kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Have you noticed how bright and vibrant our inflatables are? That's because we take good care of them– which innevitably means we take good care of our customers. Thanks Josh for sprucing up our GIANT SLIDE.