The Pedestal Joust inflatable game offers plenty of straight-up jousting, or just jumping and carousing at your next event. Secure safety walls and added protection that only comes with an inflatable game. Players can challenge each other as they each climb up onto their own pedestal, using oversized joust poles to try and knock one another to the game floor. With an eye-catching red, blue, and yellow color scheme, this inflatable jousting game will attract attention and keep guests lined up to get their shot at pretending to be an iron-clad jousting knight. Each Pedestal Joust comes complete with headgear and a pair of jousting poles, making the Pedestal Joust inflatable game ready to start up a jousting tournament in minutes!


Height: 3' 6"
Width: 25' 10"
Length: 20' 4"
Capacity: 2 Players at a time
Electrical: 1-20amp GFCI protected outlet
Ideal Ages: 3 Years and up
Notes: Includes: 2x Joust poles and a pair of protective helmets

Price: $325