You can download our Safety Checklist Agreement here: DOWNLOAD THIS.  We recommend that you review that agreement prior to your rental.  

Furthermore, for general safety info and tips on how to have a fun, safe event, check out the information listed below.  You can also download that PDF here: DOWNLOAD HERE  

Safety Information

Everyone loves to have fun on inflatables. It’s impossible not to have a great experience when bouncing on a moonwalk or sliding down a giant slide. However, to guarantee the optimal and most fun experience, inflatables need to be operated safely. When used in an unsafe manner, individuals may injure himself/herself.

This is why we spend 1-on-1 time with you during set-up to discuss safety. It’ll be beneficial for you to be prepared for this session. Read the following safety information. Write down any questions you may have and/or any material that needs further explanation, so that you can discuss it with out delivery personnel.

Section 1: Attendants

1) Anytime, the inflatable(s) or other rental equipment is in use, a qualified attendant should monitor usage and activity. We define a qualified attendant as someone who has either A) directly been briefed on safety issues by an Inflatabilities staff member or B) has been instructed by someone who has been directly briefed by an Inflatabilities staff member.

2) Any and all attendants must be a responsible and attentive adult (18+ yrs. old). Attendants are solely responsible for the flow of usage with the inflatable(s). The attendant(s) control how many people are using a unit at any given time. All inflatable(s) have maximum capacity restrictions for weight and number of participants. If these restrictions are violated, the inflatable(s) will malfunction.

3) Injuries occasionally happen when operating inflatable(s). By monitoring behavior, the attendant significantly decreases the risk of injury.

Section 2: Behavior

1) When on an inflatable, one must act in a manner that encourages safety and discourages the possibility of injury. Please consult the below items for our expectations on this matter.

2) All flips, dives, acrobatic maneuvers, or other similarly reckless behavior is unwarranted. Pushing/grabbing/shoving/tripping another person while on, in, or around the inflatable(s) is absolutely unacceptable. As well, one should not engage another in a manner of fighting, wrestling, or other physical contact.

3) Food and/or drink are absolutely prohibited while on the inflatable(s).

4) Do not use the inflatable(s) if you have been drinking alcohol and/or are otherwise impaired by prescription/over the counter medicine. 5) All other objects, other than an INF accessory, must not, under any circumstance be brought on the inflatable(s). Foreign objects significantly increase the risk of injury and damage to property. This may include but is not limited to the following: jewelry, shoes, eyewear, sharp/blunt objects, purses, wallets, cell phones, etc. Please discard these items in a safe place before playing on the inflatable(s).

Responsible Fun: Your first thought should be about the care and welfare of others and yourself. Keeping the behavior safe and responsible ensures that you and your guests will have the maximum amount of fun during your rental.

Section 3: Miscellaneous

1) We recommend that you keep a first aid kit nearby just in case of emergencies. Also, it is highly encouraged that review basic first aid procedures. We find this MAYO CLINIC GUIDE very Helpful

2) You will be required, by the lease agreement, to contact Inflatabilities, LLC. if the equipment malfunctions, there is property damage, or personal injury. If there is serious injury, you will also be required to contact a medical professional. We recommend listing out emergency contact information, our office phone number, and the delivery driver’s cell number.

3) Upon set-up, the delivery personnel will spend 5-10 minutes with you going over everything you will need to know to have a safe and fun event. In this time, if you are confused or have questions, please ask for clarification. Safety at your event is of premium concern for us, and we’ll spend as much time talking with you to ensure that.